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Enjoy a Moist and Tasty Egg and Dairy-Free Cake

Everything we bake is all of the above.

Enjoy a Moist and Tasty Egg and Dairy-Free Cake

Enjoy the heavenly goodness of our moist and flavourful egg and dairy-free cake! Our cakes are baked fresh to order using only the finest ingredients that are healthy and delicious. We pride ourselves on being multi-allergen, meaning our cakes are made in a nut free kitchen and are free from egg, dairy, soy and can be free from gluten, sugar, and other allergens. You can select the free-from options that you want, allowing you to cater to the specific dietary needs of your guests.

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Chunky gluten free brownies displayed on a wooden chopping board


Plant-based indulgence: sinfully rich and dangerously addictive.

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