The Sugar Debate

Xylitol based diabetic cake

Diabetic Naked Cake

Sugar is Sugar By Any Other Name… But Is It Really?

Raw cane sugar.

The Heavenly Cake Company uses raw cane sugar as the primary sweetener. It is not only healthier (retaining more of the minerals) than white sugar, but it’s tastier too. Raw cane sugar is also used in our handmade frosting.  This explains it’s creamy colour. 

Why Coconut Sugar?

We subsequently introduced coconut sugar and agave nectar as an option for sweeteners.  These are known for being even more healthier option than raw cane sugar and is a good natural source of iron. The coconut sugar-based cakes also have a unique agave nectar frosting.  

Coconut sugar is a delicately sweet option when introducing babies to cakes and cookies – it makes a perfect 1st birthday cake!

What about Xylitol?

People living with diabetes can enjoy guilt-free cakey things too! 


Cupcake’s Agave Frosting

This is where Xylitol (which is a polyol) sweetly comes into the picture.  Xylitol is a natural sweetener and states: “Polyols contain carbohydrates and calories, but they have fewer calories and less of an effect on blood glucose levels than sucrose (sugar)”.  This is why The Heavenly Cake Company spend time researching and creating these Xylitol delights for all your special occasions. Please note that Xylitol is fatally toxic for dogs (even a tiny amount, so don’t even go there) and not recommended for babies.

Combining sugars with spelt flour rather than white wheat flour provides benefits.  Spelt flour is a natural and ancient flour which retains vital vitamins, minerals and fibre. This slows sugar entering the bloodstream.

Choose a ‘naked’ diabetic cake, perhaps with a removable message piped onto a disk of icing or have the cake ‘iced’ with agave based topping. This will make the cake look more celebratory.   Agave topping is very easily removed before tucking into the delicious diabetes-friendly cake underneath it and keep in mind that diabetes-friendly cupcakes are an option too, topped with a flat sugar free coconut topping, decorated with edible rice paper.

The bottom line: we all know that over-indulging in any sugars is not the best diet, so we have created plant based delights that are as good as it gets. A healthy life is the right balance between feasting and fasting.

Important note: excessive consumption of Xylitol can have a laxative effect. Eat in moderation. Xylitol is not recommended for babies or pets.