Vegan Celebration Cakes

At The Heavenly Cake Company we are both free-from and vegan as we believe everyone deserves to enjoy delicious treats, regardless of their dietary requirements.

Vegan celebration cake. Wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake or any other celebration. This egg and dairy free banana cake will fit the occassion every time.

When it comes to free-from treats there should be NO problem! And that’s why we have created our range of free-from cakes, cookies and brownies that cater to a variety of dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, diabetic, and nut-free.

Our cakes are perfect for any special occasion, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between. These vegan cakes will be enjoyed by all your guests whether they have dietary restrictions or not.

We use only the finest natural ingredients and our cakes are handmade with care to ensure they taste as good as they’re wholesome, to be sure of that, we don’t use any additives.

Did you know that ‘vegan’ is ‘free-from’ but ‘free-from’ is not necessarily vegan friendly?

What Difference Does It Make?

  • Vegan means free from animal products – 
    • Egg free
    • Dairy free
    • No honey etc.
  • Free-from means it’s free from any particular ingredient that would normally be used in the product so they can be either one of the following –
    • Egg free
    • Dairy free
    • Gluten free
    • Sugar free

Often free-from products will use nut flour or soya to replace certain ingredients, but not us! We don’t bake with nuts or soya and do our best to source ingredients from factories which don’t handle nuts.
So all this means that we are both free-from and vegan. And you also have the option to select gluten free and sugar free.
Find the perfect Free-From cake for your celebration right here because when it comes to delicious, vegan and free from we deliver!
Order now to make sure that every one of your guests feels included because nobody should be cake-less.

Pick from Our Delicious Selection of Vegan Celebration Cakes

Indulge in our selection of heavenly vegan cakes, made with love and healthy ingredients. We offer a range of free-from options so every guest can enjoy a slice of cake at your celebration. From our bestselling vegan chocolate cake to our refreshing lemon cake, we have something for every taste bud. Our cakes are perfect for those on a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, sugar-free and/or egg-free diet. Plus, our bespoke cakes can be tailored to your specific requests. Our cakes are handmade with care, and everything can be frozen for future enjoyment. Don’t sacrifice taste or health for your special event – try our delicious vegan cakes and see for yourself.

Shop Our Vegan Celebration Cakes Online

The Heavenly Cake Co. is where you can shop mouth-watering vegan cakes online 24/7. Our cakes are perfect for all occasions, from birthdays to weddings and everything in between. Shopping with us means you can choose your free-from options with ease, so everyone at your event can indulge in your delicious vegan cake. All our cakes are made with healthy ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing taste for health. Our cakes have a 7-day shelf life, so you can order in advance and store them in your fridge until your event. Order from our range of bestselling cakes or create your own bespoke cake with our expert bakers. Our small company guarantees personalised service, so you can discuss your cake-related issues with a real person. Order now and experience the heavenliness of The Heavenly Cake Co.

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