egg and dairy free – gluten free and sugar free

It’s free from it all!

Vegan diabetic cake. No nuts or soya used

It’s not easy but we have done it and we think you’ll like it.

A cake that’s practically totally free from everything but still has an amazing taste and texture? It’s sugar free yet still has icing? We’ve got you!

And we made it because everyone deserves a treat and nobody should be cakeless, especially on a day of celebration.

About the ingredients

  • Sweetened with xylitol (which is not suitable for babies or dogs – however this means more for you), makes this lower in calories and suitable for those with diabetes as mentioned by Diabetes UK.
  • The gluten free flour blend includes chickpea and coconut flour, which are super healthy as an added bonus.

Did I mention that it’s a new recipe? It’s a new recipe!  Chickpea is a legume, so please take note of this and if you have an intolerance to them and go for the delicious carrot cake! These are super healthy brimming with vitamins and minerals.

Note that if you have a message or decorations these are sugar based which can easily be removed before you tuck in.

The topping on these cakes are an optional extra because even though the topping is sugar free, well, you might not want it.  

If you’re new to xylitol you might want to try to restrain yourself from wolfing it all down.  Although xylitol is a completely natural product, excess can have a laxative effect 😐. However, many foods and sweets have it so it’s a fairly common ingredient these days especially chewing gum, therefore the chances are that you’ve had it already.

Ready to treat yourself to a guilt-free and delicious cake? Order now and experience the magic! Select the flavour you want, then select gluten & sugar free.

Lots of love


Xylitol cake with Agave topping

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