Spelt Flour Bun Muffins

Serving Suggestion

Oh now you’re in for a real treat!

You obviously want to keep an eye on your healthy diet whilst still enjoying the nice things in life and trying something new.  I am guessing that this is why you have decided to indulge in these healthy vegan spelt flour treats.

If you don’t already know the benefits of our organic spelt flour, here’s a link with all the info you need 🥰

These Spicy Bun Muffins are a play on Jamaican Spice Bun which is usually eaten with cheese (aka bun & cheese) and sometimes smothered in butter – you can do that with these, but you don’t need to as they’re just so wonderful as they are.

Great for packed lunches and tea time snacks. They can be frozen, but to be honest I’m not sure they will last long enough to get to the freezer.

Of course, like everything on our website, your buns are vegan (no animals were hurt to make them, honestly!)🐄

Many of the ingredients are organic, but not all.  We avoid GMO like the plague.

No nuts in here 🤪. We do not allow nuts in our kitchen and avoid ingredients which say ‘may include nuts’, however of course we have to say they may contain traces of nuts, because they may. The mixed fruit in these buns come from factories which handle nuts which is why there is no option to select nut free on these beauties.

We’re doing our best with packaging so it’s mainly recyclable and where possible we have used recycled materials too.

Please let me know how we are doing – email me! I’m Luzolo. Keisha is also on the other end of your emails, so say hi to her too.  I’m sure you know how important social media is to businesses small and large alike.  Well, we’re small (and friendly). Very small in fact. So please put your nice comments on there @heavenlycakeco, but if we have failed in anyway do not hesitate to email me and I will do my utmost to put it right.  We really do listen to our customers’ comments because we genuinely care.

Thank you again

Lots of love