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Which flour?

Spelt or gluten/wheat free flour

Whole grain organic spelt flour is the mother of wheat and is often suitable for people with wheat/gluten intolerance, although it does contain gluten. It is a wholesome ancient grain that the Roman armies marched on! It is known for not giving the bloated feeling that 'normal' wheat gives. If you have coeliac disease, you need to select the gluten/wheat free flour option.

Sugar free?

Coconut sugar or raw cane sugar?

Our sugar free or diabetic friendly cakes are low GI meaning they are generally suitable for diabetics, particularly when mixed with spelt flour. This is generally known as a healthy sugar. These cakes are not low calorie but you will not need to eat as much, so they can help your diet in this way if you are looking for a treat during a calorie reducing diet. These cakes are also perfect for babies’ first birthday cake. In our other cakes we use raw cane sugar so this means that none of our cakes contain refined sugar or give a sugar rush.

It's all about....

The frosting

Hand made frosting (icing). As with the cake recipes, the frosting recipes are also our own. Raw cane sugar on top as well as inside the cake for the all-round healthier cake. The really amazing thing here is that our diabetic friendly cakes also have diabetic friendly frosting. Note that the frosting for diabetic cakes cannot be piped as with sugar based frosting.

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