Spicy Fruit Bun Muffins


Muffins, but not as you know them…

£9.99 (box of 6)

A sent and taste of heaven.  6 soft crumb fruit buns, with a subtle hint of ginger and mixed spices. Enjoy on it’s own or split one open and serve with your own choice of free from cheese or butter.  

They freeze well and are very satisfying making them perfect for breakfast, snack-time or lunch boxes, bursting with flavour and goodness.

This is another of our unique melt-in-the-mouth recipes and is a play on a Jamaican Easter Bun, which is actually eaten all year round and usually eaten with cheese.

We use coconut oil in all our products.

Egg Free | Dairy Free | Soy Free | Vegan

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Small bites, big flavor: fruity, spicy, bun-believable.

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6" (Up to 9 Slices), 8" (Up to 15 Slices), 10" (Up to 18 Slices), 12" (Up to 30 Slices)


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