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Plant Based

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(Dairy & egg free too)

Ingredients: Organic spelt flour (wheat), raw cane sugar organic chickpea flour, coconut oil, and coconut extracts, baking powder, sea salt.

Additionally: Organic cocoa in chocolate cupcakes | Organic lemon oil lemon cupcakes | Organic vanilla essence in vanilla cupcakes.

Did you want to mix up the vegan free from options a bit? Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Gluten & Sugar Free

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    From little ones to grown-ups, everybody loves a cupcake, especially our vegan free-from cupcakes. Each carefully created cupcake is a perfect combination of springy sponge topped with a handmade frosting. Which one to choose?

    Nutritional info.

    Made with fresh bananas.

    Nutritional info.

    Made with organic lemon oil and lemon juice (topping contains sulphates)

    Nutritional info.

    Made with organic vanilla extract.

    Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes. Made with organic cocoa.

    Ingredients: Icing [Icing Sugar, Anti-Caking Agent: Tricalcium Phosphate], Water, Spelt Flour [(Wheat)], Dark Raw Cane Sugar, Pure Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder, Coconut Extract [Organic Coconut Extract, Water, Guar Gum], Baking Powder, Syrup [Partially Inverted Refiners Syrup], Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum

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Indulge in plant-based cupcakes. No nuts used, soy-free goodness!

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6, 12

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Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Banana


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