Digestive Biscuits


Vegan Free-From Digestive Biscuits

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Our vegan free-from Digestive Biscuits are chunky and crunchy and the perfect healthy accompaniment to your early morning coffee or mid-afternoon cuppa. (Did we mention they’re ideal for dunking?)

Carefully handmade by our artisan bakers using the finest ingredients, these are a family favourite.

Our vegan free-from Digestive Biscuits come in one size: Tube Tin (approx. 490g/15 biscuits)

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    Organic wholegrain spelt flour, gluten free oats, raw cane sugar, coconut oats.

    Alternative ingredients

    For a wheat/gluten free option, we use a gluten free flour blend (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat) instead of wholegrain spelt flour.

    For a ‘sugar free’/diabetic friendly option, we use coconut sugar instead of raw cane sugar.

    Your dietary requirements

    Please tick any that apply.

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Chunky, crunchy, crumbly

From £16.00


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