Digestive Biscuits


Vegan Free-From Digestive Biscuits

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Our vegan free-from Digestive Biscuits are chunky and crunchy and the perfect healthy accompaniment to your early morning coffee or mid-afternoon cuppa. (Did we mention they’re ideal for dunking?)

Carefully handmade by our artisan bakers using the finest ingredients, these are a family favourite.

Our vegan free-from Digestive Biscuits come in one size: Tube Tin (approx. 490g/15 biscuits)

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    Organic wholegrain spelt flour, gluten free oats, raw cane sugar, coconut oats.

    Alternative ingredients

    For a wheat/gluten free option, we use a gluten free flour blend (rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat) instead of wholegrain spelt flour.

    For coconut sugar option, we use coconut sugar instead of raw cane sugar.

    Your dietary requirements

    Please tick any that apply.

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Chunky, crunchy, crumbly

From £16.00


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