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Gluten free? Just so many to choose from.

Our gluten free bakes are are made in the same kitchen as our spelt flour cakes. We bake gluten free first and are careful regarding cross contamination.

The gluten free flour blend for cakes is

Chickpea, rice, tapioca, potato, maize, sarrasin & carob flours, sugar beet fibre, xanthan gum. buckwheat, maize.

Freshly Made Gluten-Free Cakes, Perfect for Every Occasion:

We at The Heavenly Cake Company pride ourselves on making the most delicious gluten-free cakes. Our cakes are freshly baked using our exclusive gluten-free flour blend. We bake our gluten-free cakes first, ensuring there is no cross-contamination with our spelt flour cakes. We are devoted to giving our customers the best gluten-free cake experience possible by using only the finest ingredients.

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