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Enjoy a Moist and Tasty Egg and Dairy-Free Cake

Enjoy the heavenly goodness of our moist and flavourful egg and dairy-free cake! Our cakes are baked fresh to order using only the finest ingredients that are healthy and delicious. We pride ourselves on being multi-allergen, meaning our cakes are made in a nut free kitchen and are free from egg, dairy, soy and can be free from gluten, sugar, and other allergens. You can select the free-from options that you want, allowing you to cater to the specific dietary needs of your guests.

Our cakes are perfect for anyone who’s health-conscious and looking for a guilt-free indulgence. We don’t compromise on taste or texture, ensuring that every slice tastes as good as it looks. Plus, our cakes have a 7-day shelf life, making them an ideal treat to enjoy throughout the week. We are your stop for quality eggless cake in Peterborough.

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Looking for a flourless chocolate cake near me? Look no further! The Heavenly Cake Co. is a reliable eggless cake shop that offers a range of scrumptious vegan cakes. Our cakes are not only egg and dairy-free but are also soy-free from our nut-free kitchens, and can also be gluten-free or sugar-free. Our bespoke cakes can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Our products are perfect for the health-conscious customer who doesn’t want to compromise on flavour. Everything is individually handmade, so you can enjoy the freshness and quality of our cakes. Visit our website today to check out our selection of amazing cakes!

We also offer bespoke cakes, so if you have specific requests or dietary needs that aren’t listed on our website, simply get in touch, and we’ll try our best to accommodate them. All of our cakes are individually handmade with care and attention to detail. We’re a small company, so you can expect personal service and direct contact with our cake experts. So no more looking for a eggless cake bakery near me. Whether you need a vegan cake in Plymouth or gluten-free cake in Bristol, we are here for you. Order online and enjoy the convenience of our 24/7 service.

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