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The Heavenly Cake Company has undergone a transformation, refining its cake and cookie descriptions, evolving them from diabetic-friendly to the delectable realm of Sugar-Free and No Added Sugar treats! With meticulously enhanced recipes, fine-tuned and perfected based on cherished feedback from our loyal customers since 2005, this evolution is tailored to meet the needs of our devoted clientele who previously sought diabetic-friendly options. Our diverse lineup, boasting tempting flavours such as Chocolate, Carrot, and Lemon, remains exclusively available on our website. And brace yourselves for the exciting news! We’ve just unveiled two delectable newcomers—sugar-free Ginger Cake and sugar-free Cinnamon Cake—in adorable mini-sized portions, designed perfectly for those solo sweet tooth celebrations.

Our spirited Managing Director, Luzolo, is thrilled about this revamped description, especially highlighting its appeal to those managing diabetes and aiming to reduce sugar intake. These No Added Sugar cakes and cookies proudly boast an incredible 100% reduction in sugar content and nearly 60% fewer calories compared to our regular offerings.

Luzolo emphasises that this isn’t solely for diabetics but for anyone seeking healthier indulgences. The rebranding makes it evident that these treats are sugar-free wonders, containing only naturally occurring sugars ranging from 0.0g to 9g per serving—a stark contrast to other ‘less sugar’ alternatives that still pack a sugary punch.

Our mission? To move beyond the ‘niche’ label and make these treats the go-to choice for everyone aiming for a reduced sugar lifestyle, whether managing diabetes or not, with the added benefit of being low GI.

And the cherry on top? Our menu includes exclusive xylitol recipes (zero sugar, low GI), perfect for guilt-free indulgence. Enjoy them plain or top them with our delightful, no-added-sugar toppings. For the little ones, we’ve got organic coconut sugar options, naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and agave nectar.

Let the sugar-free, fun-filled feast begin!

According to the BBC Food website:

‘Making a good dairy-free sponge cake without eggs is one of the most difficult vegan cakes to master. The role of the egg in a sponge recipe is to bind the ingredients together, and it needs to be replaced to stop your sponge from turning into a tough inedible disaster.’

At The Heavenly Cake Company, we’ve mastered that dark art, without relying on artificial egg replacer.

*not guaranteed trace free

We love our work – we also love our customers. That’s why there are no additives, preservatives, or artificial egg replacers in our cakes or cookies. If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t use.

All our bakes are made in a happy environment by happy people, with the intention of making you a happy customer!

Saintly high standards

Like any good, honest business, we come highly rated by the Food Standards Agency.

The devil is in the detail, and we take immense pride in producing excellent cakes that you can enjoy.

Discover our first-class products baked for you with love!