Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Egg and Dairy Free

Naked cake

Baked with xylitol and decorated with a removable message making it totally diabetic friendly.

Did I mention that we don’t use nuts in any of our cakes either?  Everyone deserves a treat and nobody should be cakeless, especially on a day of celebration.

So a big thank you for buying this cake.  If it’s the first time you’ve had one of our products we are so happy to welcome you to our family, we’ve been waiting for you.  Where have you been all these years?  If you’re a regular customer, welcome back – this is a brand new recipe, so please let me know what you think!

If you’re new to xylitol you might want to try to restrain yourself from wolfing it all down.  Although xylitol is a completely natural product, excess can have a laxative effect 😐. However, many foods and sweets have it as an ingredient these days especially chewing gum therefore the chances are that you’ve had it already.

Xylitol is unsuitable for babies and is very toxic for dogs – even a tiny amount, so don’t even go there.

Read more about this sweetener here.

The topping on these cakes are an optional extra because even though the topping is ‘sugar’ free, it’s not totally diabetic friendly as it contains agave nectar.  The nutritional information on the label does not include any topping or picture/message on the cake. All of these can easily be removed.

Storing your cakes is pretty easy too. Pop it in the fridge if you have to wait for a few days before you can tuck in (🙄) preferably removed from the delivery box, until you’re ready to eat.  Eat it ideally at room temperature when it will be soft and moist. If you’re having it on the day of delivery or the following day it should be fine kept at room temperature assuming that the room is not too hot.

Once cut, do not put it back into the box it came in as cardboard will suck out the moisture and make the cake dry (if this does happen, you can pop a slice into a microwave for a couple of seconds, or put it into an airtight container at room temperature for a few hours).

If you have only eaten a slice or few, cover the cut edges with cling film then place the cake in fridge. You can also place the cake, or slices, in a plastic bag and freeze or refrigerate. This is a good way to store slices if you want to keep them for packed lunches.

I doubt you will get to store it for that long! Enjoy

Lots of love