Free-From* whatever you (don't) want

We focus on healthy options and free from* options.

Organic whole grain spelt flour: This is an ancient flour used by ancient Egyptians and Romans. It contains nutrients and minerals, unlike the wheat flour commonly used these days. Generally you will not get the bloated feeling that can come with eating common wheat. Even though it does contain gluten, because it is unadulterated, it is often tolerated by those with wheat/gluten intolerance. However, this is not suitable for coeliac sufferers unless under supervision of a health practitioner. Of course we offer an alternative for those unable to eat spelt flour. We have our wheat/gluten free cakes***, which are made with a blend of rice, tapioca, potato, maize, sarrasin & carob flours, sugar beet fibre, xanthan gum. buckwheat, maize. Wheat/gluten free cakes are carefully baked before our spelt flour cakes, in the same kitchen.

Raw cane sugar is used in all our cakes, except the diabetic friendly. Raw cane sugar is even used for the lovely hand made frosting. The diabetic friendly / “sugar free” cakes are baked with organic coconut sugar and agave nectar which are both healthy options and low GI. These make our diabetic friendly cakes perfect for little people! A “sugar free” cake for a first birthday is definitely the way to go.

Suitable for Halal and Kosher diets.

We do not use egg replacer. Our policy is that if we cannot pronounce it, we don’t put it in our cakes.

Our kitchen and cakes are all without nuts. We try our best to keep everything nut free (the staff can be a bit nutty though), however, legally we are not allowed to guarantee it nut trace free.

If you have multiple allergies, you can still have cake! Come on in and enjoy the indulgent delights of The Heavenly Cake Company.

*Legally not guaranteed trace free from any ingredients, but are baked in an egg free, dairy free, nut free & soy free kitchen.

**Diabetic cakes, whilst they can be dairy & egg free, they contain a small amount of casinate (derivative of dairy protein) which means they are not suitable for vegans. If this is an issue, please state on the order page that you do not want the sugar free frosting on the cake.

***Note that gluten free cakes are always a bit drier and crumblier than non-gluten free cakes. This is not something that can be avoided unfortunately.