Frequently Asked Questions


"Why do I need to state male or female on the order form?"

This is just so that we have a rough idea how to decorate the cake. If it's for a male we will not generally put pink ribbons and flowers on it.

"I need a cake for more than one allergy. Can you do this?"

Yes! In fact all our cakes are vegan and we have listed the free from options for that extra peace of mind.

Our sugar free cakes are suitable for diabetics and gluten free is suitable for coeliacs and wheat allergies

"I would like a square cake"

All our cakes are round and come in 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes for servings please see cake descriptions. We do not currently bake square cakes.

"What do you sweeten the sugar free cakes with?"

We use a combination of coconut sugar and agave nectar. Note that sugar free frosting on these cakes are not vegan as they contain a small amount of casein. 

"Can I order 6 cupcakes?"

Our cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla) only come in batches of 12, therefore the minimum order is 12 or you can order more than one batch.

"Can I have a mixture of cupcakes in one batch (ie. 6 chocolate and 6 vanilla)?"

No. You will need to order one 12 batch of each flavour if you would like both flavours.

"Do your cakes have fillings?"

We have found that cakes with fillings don't travel very well, so we don't do that. But, our hand made frosting on top more than makes up for that!

"I want fresh cream and fruit on my cake please"

Sorry, can you imagine the terrible mess that would be delivered if we did put fresh cream and fresh fruits in a cake box to be delivered by courier?! We suggest that you order the cake from us and then buy the cream and fruits to be added by you when the cake is ready to be served.

"Where can I find ingredients for cakes?"

All cake ingredients are given in the product description for each cake we do.

"I need a "free from" cake that isn't on your list"

Occasionally people are allergic to coconut, we can make a cake without coconut for a additional cost  of £3 but there is a high risk of cross contamination as we use a lot of coconut in the kitchen.

"Isn't coconut a nut?"


"I want a specific design, novelty or a number shape. Can you do that?"

We can print anything on your cake, but sorry, we do not bake novelty/themed/shape/number cakes. As our cakes are mainly delivered they do not travel well by courier and we focus on the free from elements. To have a photo on your cake please add a photo topper to your order and upload a jpeg image or we can source and put image as you describe ie. Peppa Pig, etc on the cake for you.

"Do you bake wedding cakes?"

Yes. Totally affordable wedding cakes in fact. We do not decorate the cakes but supply them with the same frosting that all our cakes come with (even sugar free cakes). They will be delivered ready for you to stack and add your own decoration. We will also supply a bag with a small amount of spare frosting so that you can fill in any gaps after stacking the tiers. When you order your cakes (using the usual order form), just click the "is it a wedding cake" box on the order form.

This will be the nicest and most economical wedding cake you could ever imagine! Buy your own ribbons and topper, have the cake delivered a few days before the wedding so that you have time to decorate it and away you go! For more info click here.



"I want to place an order - how can I do that?"

Please visit the online shop and place your order online. We aren't able to accept any orders by email or over the phone. It's a simply process and we accept payment by all major debit/credit cards (excl. Amex) or Paypal even if you havent' got an account.

"I can't find a phone number how can I contact you?"

Unlike the name suggests we are a small family run business and spend most our time in the kitchen preparing our cakes. We do not have the resources to man the phone lines around the clock. If you have a question not answered below or anywhere on our website please email and we will respond as quickly as possible during business hours Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:30pm

"I can't select the date I want for delivery on the calendar?"

If the date in the delivery calendar is greyed out it means that either the deadline has passed (less than 3 working days) or we are fully booked. Please see below re emergency cakes, we aren't able to provide next day cakes.

"I need an emergency cake - help!"

If you need a cake at short notice (we still need at least 48 hours in most instances) please email us specifying the cake - flavour, size, free from options and postcode you need delivering to. We will let you know if we can provide a cake and give you instructions on how to order. There is an additional charge of £9.99 for all emergency cakes.

"Am I able to collect my cake - where are you based?"

We are based in Sydenham, South East London. However, we are not a shop and collection is by pre-arranged appointment only. Please email us before placing your order online to check availability and arrange an appointment. If is short notice this will be treated as an emergency cake as described above.

"How do I cancel my order?"

We need a minimum of 4 working days for cancellation. Please email us with order number and cake details



"Do you deliver to my area?"

If you are in the UK, yes. When you put your post code in at checkout you will get to select delivery options. For more information on delivery click this link

"I need more than one cake delivered. How much will it cost to deliver?"

If you want several cakes delivered on the same day to the same address, there is still just one delivery charge.

"Is there a receipt in the box? I'm sending it as a present"

No there isn't a receipt in the box. That is all sent to you by email. However, you can select to have a tiny gift tag included with your cake so that they know that you sent the cake and it isn't just a random gift from us at The Heavenly Cake Company :-)

"Do you accept international orders?"

Providing the delivery address is in the UK yes. In order for your order to be accepted however, you will need to put the same billing and delivery address. We are not able to deliver outside of UK

"My cake arrived late and/or is damaged!"

We have carefully chosen the courier company we use to deliver our cakes, all our cakes are sent by an overnight service. It is very disappointing when our cakes do not reach their destination in the state they left our kitchen in. We advise where possible, having your cake delivered a day earlier than it is needed just in case there is any delay with delivery. We are not able to refund late delivery or accept returned cakes if they have arrived late and are no longer needed. In the unfortunate event you receive a cake that has been damaged in transit please email us with photos of the damage for us to review, compensation is given at our discretion and will only be given once we have photos.

"When is the last date for Xmas delivery?"

The last date for Xmas delivery is Thursday 21st December, we are then closed and accepting any orders for delivery/collection or emergency until 4th January 2018. During this busy period we strongly advise having your cake delivered up to two days earlier should there be any seasonal delays*. We still require at least three working days notice providing we are not fully booked. Order early to avoid disappointment

*We will not be able to refund for any late deliveries.



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Please note: Due to the volume of emails we receive, if your question is answered in our FAQ's than we won't be able to respond personally to your email.

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