A little charity goes a long way

In fact it goes to Lewisham & Sierra Leone


Times are hard both here and around the world. At Heavenly Central to help 2 charities by donating cash and cakes (well, to be honest we’re not sending cakes to Sierra Leone just yet – but if we do we will be sure to share pictures with you).

We Care Community Hub is a foodbank local to our bakery, so when we can we donate cakes and cookies to them.

In Sierra Leone there is a village that until recently didn’t have a school. This project has built a school from scratch and was originally funded by two very special individuals. You can read more about it here.

Anyway, it crossed my mind that you might like to donate to them too, so we’ve added that option at checkout and we’re giving you a little information about the charities here:

We Care Community Hub

Lewisham In Crisis – on the news. Link to BBC News item

Registered Charity Number 1195737
Feeding Lewisham food banks in crisis documentary by Cara Bowen


Mabomboh Education Project is a non-fee-paying nursery and primary school built in a small farming village in Sierra Leone by Evelyn and Iain Maclean. The school was established in January 2021 after village elders approached Evelyn’s father looking for support in providing education to the children in the village. With your support and help, the project aims to promote education in this community and change their lives for generations to come. The Mabomboh Community Nursery and Primary School opened its doors in January 2021 to its first intake of children. By August 2021, the Mabomboh Community Project GoFundMe goal of £10,000 was reached, which helped in completing the manufacture of classroom chairs and tables, providing school uniforms, building toilets, and installing solar panelling at the school that can also be accessed by the villagers

Mabomboh Education Project