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About The Heavenly Cake Company

The Heavenly Cake Company is a boutique family-run business based in London, with a passion for good food that tastes heavenly.

The company is led by Luzolo and her husband, and they are joined in their kitchen by a team of artisan bakers.

“First and foremost, it’s about creating our recipes.” says Luzolo. “So many people are put off from eating free-from or vegan foods because of a pre-conception or previous bad experience with the taste or texture of a product. We want to re-introduce more and more people to great tasting, indulgent treats that fit into a healthy lifestyle.

“All our cakes and cookies are vegan and free-from* (made without dairy, nuts, soy or egg,) and are made using coconut oil. There are gluten free options and ‘sugar free’/diabetic/low GI options available too. So all members of the family can now enjoy healthy treats, no matter what their dietary requirements. We also use silver anodised tins for a healthier bake.”

According to the BBC Food website: ‘Making a good dairy-free sponge cake without eggs is one of the most difficult vegan cakes to master. The role of the egg in a sponge recipe is to bind the ingredients together, and it needs to be replaced to stop your sponge from turning into a tough inedible disaster.’

At The Heavenly Cake Company, we’ve mastered the art, without relying on artificial egg replacer.

“We love our work.” says Luzolo and “We also love our customers. That’s why there are no additives, preservatives, or artificial egg replacers in our cakes or cookies. If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t use.”

“All our cakes are baked in a happy environment by happy people, with the intention of making you a happy customer!”

*legally not guaranteed trace free

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