All about your gluten free cake

Hello! Luzolo here saying huge thank you for buying this cake.  If it’s the first time you’ve had one of our products we are so happy to welcome you to our family, we’ve been waiting for you, where have you been all these years?  If you’re a regular customer, welcome back – this is a brand new recipe, so let me know what you think!

Storing your cake

Pop it in the fridge if you have to wait for a few days before you can tuck in (sigh), either in or out of the delivery box until you’re ready to eat.  Eat it ideally at room temperature when it will be extra soft and moist. If you’re having it today or tomorrow it will be fine kept at room temperature.

Once it’s cut, try not put it back into the box it came in as it can make the cake become dry (if this does happen, you can pop a slice into a microwave for a couple of seconds, or put it into an airtight container at room temperature for a few hours).

If you have only eaten a slice or few, cover the cut edges with cling film then place the cake in fridge. You can also place the cake, or slices, in a plastic bag and freeze or refrigerate.

I doubt you will get to store it for that long!

Did I mention that it’s a new recipe? It’s a new recipe! Introducing gram flour. Chickpea is a legume, so please take note of this if you have an intolerance to them. They’re super healthy brimming with vitamins and minerals.

About the ingredients

We use either organic raw cane sugar or coconut sugar to sweeten your cake, depending on which one you ordered.  The raw cane cane sugar cakes are also iced with raw cane sugar icing (which is why isn’t brilliant white).  Coconut sugar cakes are topped with our own recipe based on organic coconut & agave based topping.  Note that any decoration on the cake is made with white sugar based fondant icing and can easily be removed if you wish.

Our environment

We’re doing our best with packaging so it’s recyclable and where possible we have used recycled materials too. If we are currently enjoying a rare UK heatwave (yay) your cake may have been delivered with a disposable ice pack.  But why not re-use it? These gel packs are great for picnics or lunchboxes, but if you want to dispose of it, simply cut the corner of the pack and dispose of the contents through the normal domestic waste system. The contents are benign, given the dilution of the polymer and purification of the water they are not at all harmful to the environment. The outer film is totally recyclable as LDPE 4.

Please let me know how we are doing – email me! Keisha is also on the other end of the emails, so say hi to her too.

Also, you I’m sure you know how important social media is to businesses small and large alike.  Well, we’re small. Very small in fact. So please put your nice comments on there @heavenlycakeco, but if we have failed in anyway do not hesitate to email me and I will do my utmost to put it right.  We really do listen to our customers’ comments.

Lots of love